Monday, August 13, 2012

Respect is a dying word, but it will not die with me

What happened to caring for our families first?
When did our red road get covered in blacktop?
Why are we raising children to be spoiled kids into their 30s and 40s?
Who are the people that decided this world we have now, is the one we should have?
How do we start making changes?

Respect, seven little letters that turn our warriors to whiny children and our women to weak willed wimps.
We seem to have traded our backbones and spirit, for shiny new pieces of strings, just like the crows flying to shiny objects to make their nests more desirable.
How did 'things' become more desirable than traits?

We need to go back to respecting ourselves, our family and our paths.
And while it brings me sorrow to say, just because someone is old, does not make them an elder.  We are recovering from a hundred plus years of broken spirits.  We may not always be able to go have the Elders we need to guide our way, which just makes it ever so much more important that every day we ensure our steps lead us to goodness and honour, instead of to easy and shiny.

Respect who you are, discover who you wish to be and every day start working towards that goal.
I will respect myself, my family, and my duty. Will you?
Respect is a dying word, a dying life choice, but it will not die with me.  I will live with respect, honour and courage, and hopefully share that type of life with others who will choose to walk the good road. It might not be an easy path, it will probably be an incredible difficult uphill battle some days, but isn't the view on top of the mountain always worth it?