Sunday, August 15, 2010

Parental Ponderings

So a lot of my time lately has been spent on trying to raise my daughter, thinking about raising my daughter, worrying about raising my daughter.
I am lucky enough to have a beautiful, intelligent, amazing young woman whom I love so much, and am daily thankful for the opportunity to help raise her.
But, have you ever stopped to wonder how its going. There is so much we need to teach our kids, so they can make smart choices, make their beds, make their lives, and we have to give them tools.
Tonight though, I was wondering, when do we teach them to jump? That sometimes its okay to make the stupid choice, to follow that boy to Europe, or spend all your money on a painting or trip instead of on your bills. Yes, we have to teach them the responsibility. But there is so much more then that.
I want my daughter to not be afraid of the world, I want her to embrace it, and see it all, taste life.
Its amazing how much becoming a parent changes you. I have a good life, I want her to have a great life.

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